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Fashion and Fundamentalism

Saturday, July 30, 2011

YES! So the event that everyone was betting against finally took place. Pakistan Fashion week could have not come at a better time. That statement is made in relation to the current atmosphere of the nation because it goes without saying that the event COULD have taken place at a better time. However, the entire event, more than just showcasing the fashion talents of Pakistan, was a statement to the world that Pakistan is not what it is being portrayed as globally. It was also a statement to the terrorists who have been terrorizing the nation that Pakistanis will not be defeated so easily. The tension within the nation and the enthusiastic attempt to prove the world wrong is what made this Fashion show one that will go down in history.

For the first time in Pakistani History a Media event received SO MUCH INTERNATIONAL recognition and coverage.

Various international magazines and newspapers covered the event and even sent in their OWN photographers who took stunning pictures. The fashion world rejoiced with Pakistan as the Paki fashion industry proved itself to the International Fashion snobs of the world and proved the fact that there is more to Pakistan than exploding bombs.

What was so great about the Fashion show? Pakistan created an identity on the international scene by presenting Fashions that were PURELY Pakistani and coming up with designs that could be sold internationally. Each design incorporated something "Pakistani" in it whether it was the makeup style, the jewelry or the "Motiye ke phool" each model wore on one ankle.

"As surging militant violence grabs headlines around the world, Pakistan's top designers and models are taking part in the country's first-ever fashion week" wcc.com

"Many of the models, designers and well-heeled fashionistas packing out each night said the gathering was a symbolic blow to the Taliban and their vision of society..." Courant News

"Nearly 3,500 miles away from Milan, this is perhaps the least expected entry in the global couture calendar." Time Magazine

"Pakistan's top designers and models are taking part in the country's first-ever fashion week. While the mix of couture and ready-to-wear fashions would not have been out of place in Milan or New York" Yahoo news

Because of so much coverage the world got to see what Pakistani Fashion has to offer and already offers have been made and Fashion capitals of the world are awaiting Pakistan to take part in International Fashion weeks.

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