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Thread Embroidery Collection | Xenab Atelier Collection 2011-12

Friday, October 21, 2011

Decorating the dresses has always been essential in all cultures. This reflects the thoughts, imaginations, creations and taste of fashion of local peoples of that era. There are number of types of embroidery like handmade, machine made and mix sort of work. You can fetch number of designs using above embroidery techniques like floral work, leaf work, booti work, star work and designer customized work.  Mirror work has also been done which comprises on small mirror chips embroidered on fabric. Moti work is also a very unique and popular designing technique and this consists of small rounded beads stitched to the fabric as part of the embroidery pattern. Different types of threads have been used for embroidery like cotton thread, silver thread and zari thread. Other forms of embroidery used on the salwar kameez are: cufdana work, dori work, dubka work, gota patti , kasab work, katha work, kundan work, parsi work, patch work, resham embroidery, sequins work, sippy work, sitara work, stone work, thread work, zardozi work, and zari work. With such a fascinating range of embroidery to choose from one could build a substantial wardrobe of thread embroidered salwar kameez.
Today we will present the extraordinary designer embroidered shalwar kameez dresses of Xenabs’s Atelier. As most shalwar kameez outfits meant for formal and semi-formal occasions, but with the work of embroidery we make them special as for special use. There are hundreds of types of embroidery that has been used to nourish the dresses. Xenab Atelier, took the step to modify the dresses according to the single customer demand and this gave birth to the customization. They are very conscious towards high quality material, high quality embellishments, high quality stitching and delivery within the time limit. They slogan themselves as “What more do you need in high end fashion?”. Xenab Atelier is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Xenab's Atelier works with fresh ideas, cuts and patterns to bring something new and creative to the market. Whether it is party wear or formals, you will find all that you need under one roof. All dresses can be altered as the client wishes. Here we have some beautiful thread embroidered Collection of Xenab Atelier for you.

Modern Embroidery

Embroidery On Kurti
This is a fabulous example of embroidery work. Designer has used mix of ornaments to build this beautiful bust design at modern kameez.  Design consists of floral and leaf pattern rounded through the neck. Golden silky thread along with stars, motives and readymade thread flowers have been used to build this extra beautiful embroidery design. The pattern is also superb and has been modified according to the customer demand.

Mirror Work

Heavy Embroidery

Colorful Thread Embroidery
This type of thread embroidery is very common in our punjabi culture. Girls usually covers front side of the kameez with such type of embroidery. On this open kurti Xenab’s designer use various colors thread infact cotton thread to nourish this kameez. Floral, leaf and ordianry shapes designing pattern have been fetched with thread embroidery supplemented by the stars and motives. Such type of thread embroidery usually have been done on party wear dresses.

Latest Embroidery

Xenab's Atelier Boutique
Same kind of stuff and designing mechanism have been designed on this kameez. The differences are silver thread and different kind of ornaments altough the pattern and technique have been used as on above kameez. Silver thread embroidery on pink color fabric is just looking marvellous and best for Boutiques.

Embroidery for Parties
This is the superb example of cotton thread embroidery; hot for winter season. Usually lace strips are being used to moderate the thread embroidery designs more ellegantly and sharply. This is the fine example of modified work of Xenab’s creative mind.

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